We will be pulling at the Hart's Pumpkin Festival, in Bear Creek, NC, on Saturday September 30th  at 1:00 pm! Directions are on that page. The address is 885 Meronies Church Rd. Bear Creek, NC 27207. Hope to see y'all there. Everyone pays admission of $6. Unless you are over 65 or under 4, then you get in free.


If you have never pulled with us before:
It will be helpful to look at these pages, of this website:  Classes & Rules, Running Order and Directions.
Some club's stock classes aren't as stock as ours. But we will find a class you can pull in. Come see Debbie at the Announcer's tent when we are signing up. I will get one of our officials to look at your tractor and figure out what class.
There is some gossip about OCP. Just to clarify: WE ARE NOT SELLING OUR SLED OR QUITTING PULLING! If that ever does happen, I promise you will see it here first. You won't have to rely on a rumor mill to find out anything that important about us.

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Did you know,that you don't have to log in to Facebook, to see our page? Looking at it is like traveling down memory lane. Everything that was posted here, on our home page, is there. You just have to keep scrolling down to find it.

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We have thousands of pictures and a few videos

Ricky showed me a good tractor pulling phone app.  Below is a link to the designer's website. You can use their links for Apple & Android phones. Have fun. 

Click on picture for website of tractor pull game
then click on same picture on their website

Did you know you can have all our pulling pictures & videos on most smartphones?There is an app for that. It is "SmugMug Mobile" by SmugMug, Inc. Available for Android, some iPhones, & iPad. Think it is free for all of them. If it is not in your Android market, there is a good imitation. "SmugFolio for SmugMug HD" by Snapwood Apps. It cost me $2.99. The original wasn't available on my first smartphone.  I had both on my next smartphone. I used one for my personal SmugMug site & the other for OCP's. Both worked great.  I haven't found the app for my iPhone 4S though. Let me know if you have found it for your iPhone. Any questions, contact me(Deb).

Put the results, thoughts, and directions on two ways. Some couldn't open them one way. If you can't it is probably because you need Adobe Reader updated or installed. Click on the link below to go to their website. Then click on Get Adobe Reader. It will download the new version.


Thanks for visiting the official website of Orange County Pullers. Our headquarters are in Orange County, North Carolina. Our members are located in central North Carolina. We are not a club. Just several friends that pull together.We work hard to have fun and safe pulls. Come join our pulling family. You will see that we play hard too.



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